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  1. I just saw your books posted on facebook. Now i have to listen to them again. So interesting how you take us into the character’s thinking process as he faces his adventures. I enjoy your books so much. I pray your wife heals well from her own adventure with the ram. I brought a ram and 5 female goats into a garden area to weed and fertilize it and got to experience their “emotional” behavior for 2 weeks. (I will not be a goat farmer.)

    • Thanks, Lorraine. In our case, it’s an ancient, heritage breed of sheep rather than goats. The young ram was just being stupid, not really aggressive (although we may still eat him). Jeanette was passing out pieces of carrot and apple to some of the sheep, and he became impatient. Fortunately he didn’t hit her knee, but her thigh muscle took more damage than we (and the doctor) originally thought, so instead of a sore leg for a couple of weeks, it has turned into several months of physical therapy to gradually bring the muscle back to normal.