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  1. just finished reading the series over again and was wondering what the status of the 5th book was. any idea when it will be finished.

      • Dear Mr. Roberts,
        I did also finished the 4 former books, the last two I bought in English because they have not been translated to german so far I want to read them.
        I’m so excited when the 5th book of this saga will be published.
        Greetings, a good pencil to write on, and merry Christmas from Germany


    • Thanks for posting those. I’m going to check out the CD–I’ve long wondered what Viking music would have sounded like.

      This week I just acquired a new book for my research library, which provides a lot of information about what and how the Vikings cooked and ate, and also provides recipes for modern cooks to prepare Viking age dishes. I’ve only skimmed it so far, but it appears to be very well researched and well done.

      An Early Meal a Viking Age Cookbook and Culinary Odyssey

  2. I love the Strong now saga & am horrified after book 4 to find out book 5 isn’t out & im going to lose my mind! This series is awesome! Historically accurate & strong characters it’s like your there! When will 5 be out? I love the historical notes

    • Thanks so much for writing, but please don’t lose your mind. How would be able to read and enjoy book 5? I’m having to face reality and admit that although I’d hoped to get it out this year, book 5–which will wrap up the story–will not come out until 2017.

    • Thanks! I’d read that what appears to be a second Viking site, besides L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, had recently been discovered.

  3. Hey Judson.
    Just finished Hafdan 3.
    really enjoying the series, I like he fact Audible add Historical notes that they miss with the Cornwell novels.
    Many thanks

    • Thanks. It’s actually something that’s up to the author and publisher–Audible just puts out the audio book they create.

    • It’s still locked away in the recesses of my mind. I wrote the initial portion back in 2008-2009, while I was waiting to get the rights to The Strongbow Saga back from HarperCollins. I put it on hold once that happened in 2010, and have never gotten back to it. I briefly thought I might finish it last year, but decided it made more sense to write book 5 and finish Halfdan’s story first. Once that’s done, the Beast will finally be completed.

  4. Hi! I am depressed that Halfdan’s journey to find his sister is stilled holed up in your computer/mind!!! Can we all come help work the farm while you lock away for a month or so and get book 5 done??!! I am loving this series and have had sleepless nights deep in Denmark. Now I have to crash back to Earth and get some work done here in rainy Arkansas! Boo!
    Kidding aside- like Cornwell and Harfly, Long and a few others (I can’t remember because I am so tired) your books are a suspension in time, weaving the net around the reader-zooming us back before all this crap we live with now has made us weak and dependant on stuff like deodorant! ( Thank God we have it- those folks were certainly “ripe”!!!)
    I love the simplicity of the days, the battles so gory and personal, and the comrades that worked, raided, and drank barrels of ale together that you guys so eloquently have written, researched and probably lost countless nights of sleep yourselves over!
    Now-for real-please get on it!!!
    Many claps and cheers for your books
    EC Williams

    • Yes! Please come work on our farm! I promise I’ll write while you do!

      Thanks so much for writing. The good news is that our garden is finally almost fully planted now, so I should be able to have some free time here and there very soon. I miss Halfdan and his world, too!