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  1. How’s it going Mr Roberts, I’ve just recently reread the four books to the series to refresh myself for the upcoming book. I’ve always been deeply moved by this series and will continue to be for the rest of my life. Can’t wait for the next one ! Thanks so much for this beautiful writing ♥️

    • Thank you, Joseph, and it’s always gratifying to hear readers say they reread the books. I am making progress on book 5, although the past few months I’ve been slowed a bit more than I’d hoped because my wife was injured by a young ram in December, which has caused us to have to make numerous time-consuming trips to town for her physical therapy.

  2. Recently just found this website by chance and saw Strongbows name mentioned and immediately was interested as I am from Waterford, Ireland where if im not mistaken and correct me if im wrong (even though im 90% sure) the man himself lived! Just wondering have you ever visited our lovely little city before??

    • The Strongbow you’re referring to was a Welsh-Norman lord who helped lead the Norman invasion of Ireland during the twelfth century, and then settled in Ireland. My Strongbow character is a fictitious Dane who lives during the 9th century. My wife and I traveled to Ireland during 2015 for a research trip (the final part of the Strongbow Saga takes place there), but although we covered a lot of ground, we didn’t make it to Waterford, as it didn’t figure into the story plan. Thanks for writing.

  3. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed all the Strongbow books and look forward to the next one. I first fell in love with Viking history when I had the chance to visit Sweden and Denmark, and I have read most of the Icelandic sagas as well as a number of historical fiction books on the subject. I really appreciate your desire to have your books be historically accurate. So,I hope you have a great New Year!
    Sincerely, Christine

  4. Hello,

    I believe I posted here a few years ago when I discovered your first book in my Middle School library (I teach math). I read all four books and loved them all. I’ve recently become addicted to listening to Audible books whenever I’m driving and just finished your forth book. I had to let you know again how much I’ve enjoyed your writing and that the Audible version is fantastic. Jeff Hays is doing a great job narrating and is getting better and better with each book. I’m looking forward to book 5 of course and I continue to promote your stories with my students. I wish you were able to afford writing full time, so I hope me purchasing the Audible version with my Audible credits gives you a larger commission than if I had purchased at the discounted price. Thanks again for bringing so much entertainment and joy to my life.

    • Thank you, Will, That’s very kind of you to write and I’m touched. I’ll be posting on the home page soon about book 5’s status.

    • I also have posted before and am also patiently waiting. I always have an audible book in the car for my commute times so the post from Will was of particular interest. When Book 5 does come out I will buy the whole audible series and start over so the entire story is fresh and like new!

  5. I am an avid reader and enjoy a wide range of authors. I devoured all four of your Strongbow Saga books and have passed them onto my teenagers. I look forward to the 5th book and thank you for your talent.

  6. Thank you for your wonderful Strongbow Saga. I enjoyed the series through Audible book format, felt Halfdan’s inner turmoils,& cried at points of the saga.
    I eagerly await the final telling of Halfdan’s & Hastein’s journeys. (Please don’t have either die – lol, I am a romantic at heart even knowing how harsh life was in human history.) God bless you & your wife & thank you again for your wonderful story telling. Rollo is surely proud of you as he watches from vauhallah.
    Donna, Honolulu Hawaii

    • Thank you so much, Donna. Messages such as yours from readers (or listeners) really motivate me to give the story the best that I can.

    • The Strongbow Saga is a single story (told across a number of volumes) about Halfdan’s journey from being a slave to being, by the end of the story, a young Viking chieftain (small spoiler there), and the journey is wrapped up in Halfdan’s efforts to avenge the treacherous murder of his brother, Harald, by Toke. There are two sections of that story left, which I currently am planning to include in a single book. So assuming that when complete they both fit into a single volume, the fifth book will be the last installment of The Strongbow Saga.

      I do have some ideas about other things in Halfdan’s life which could become the basis for other, stand-alone books, plus there is the unfinished Beast of Dublin, about Hastein, which takes place several years before the events of The Strongbow Saga. Hopefully book 5 will just be the last book in The Strongbow Saga, and not the last book I ever write.

  7. Dear Judson,
    in Germany there are so far only the first two strongbow books available. I like them very much und like to read more.
    Any idea when we get the following books in German?

    Best regards


    • Dear Michael,

      Thanks for writing. As to the rate of publishing German editions, I am at the mercy of my German author-partner, Ruth Nestvold, with whom I’m working to make German language editions of the Strongbow Saga available. She has to divide her time between her own writing and translating my books, but she has been working on book 3 for a number of months now, so I’m hopeful we’ll be able to publish its German edition before the end of this year.

      All best,


  8. Judson,
    You have written 4 awesome books and I am waiting breathlessly for book 5. On a side note my Dad’s family is from Oland, Sweden. It is excirtng to see it in your stories. The round old fort on the island and leaves us with many questions. Keep up the great writing.
    Judy Mickelson Pollock

    • Thank you, Judy. As I mentioned in the Historical Notes in The Long Hunt, there were actually a total of nineteen large forts built on Oland between 300 and 600 A.D., which had fallen into disrepair by the early Viking period. Although a few, including the round fort at Eketorp, were rebuilt and used during the later Viking period and the Middle Ages, it is fascinating that the society or kingdom which built the nineteen forts originally on a relatively small island vanished without leaving any trace in history.