Additional websites that may be helpful to persons with an interest in the Vikings and/or the period in which they lived:


Jorvik Viking Center (
The Jorvik Viking Center and York Archeological Trust in York,  UK.

Lejre Experimental Center (
A Danish historical and archeological park, which includes living history reconstructions from various periods of Danish history, including the Viking era.

The Museum of Foteviken (
A Swedish living history museum, which includes the Viking Reserve, a recreation of a Viking town.

The Viking Ship Museum (
The museum in Oslo, Norway containing the Oseberg and Gokstad ships, the two best-preserved surviving examples of Viking-era ships. (Click on the English button to view the English version of the site.)

The Viking Ship Museum (
The website of the museum in Roskilde, Denmark which contains the remains of five Viking-era ships, known as the Skuldelev ships, which were scuttled in the Roskilde fjord to form a protective barricade during the Viking period.

Denmark’s Viking History (
Denmark’s official website.
This is an excellent summary page of information about the Vikings, with numerous links to other sites. Thanks to Amanda Lang and Ellie for submitting it.

The Viking Answer Lady (
Excellent collection of scholarly articles about the Vikings.

Viking Ships (
Thanks to Bridget and Peyton Wertz for this page, which contains numerous links to internet articles about the Vikings and their ships.

And here’s another very good site, with links to informative articles about Viking culture and their ships:   Thanks much to Corinne Bass for finding it.

Thor, Norse Myths and the History of the Vikings (    Thanks to LouAnne Taylor and Megan for this page, which contains a brief summary of Norse mythology, plus numerous links to internet sites and articles about the Vikings and their religion.


Urweg Nordic Tribal Jewelry
Beautiful, exquisitely crafted reproductions of Viking, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon jewelry and artifacts. Also the designers of the Strongbow Saga collectible tokens.
The Jelling Dragon
A UK-based supplier of a wide range of authentic reproductions for Viking enthusiasts and re-enactors, including jewelry, weapons, costume items and other artifacts.
Northan Viking Age Jewelry
Crafter of fine reproductions of Viking jewelry and artifacts, and a member of the Jomsvikings re-enactor organization.


The Vikings (
The oldest Dark Age re-enactment society in the UK.

Jomsvikings (
Largest international Viking re-enactor group.

From the few specimens of Viking bows that have survived, as well as descriptions of the power and accuracy of bows used by the Vikings, it is apparent that their preferred bow was a longbow design virtually identical to the bows which centuries later led England to military dominance during the Middle Ages. Classic longbows are selfbows–i.e., shaped from a single piece of wood–and although a variety of woods were used to make such bows, then as now the finest longbows were made of yew. Today, yew trees capable of producing wood staves of sufficient size and quality for a high power, fine quality longbows are scarce, and only a few bowyers produce authentic yew longbows.

Don Adams Archery (
Don Adams crafts traditional English style longbows from yew harvested high in the Cascade mountains of Oregon, and his bows are sought and prized by archers around the world.

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