For Teachers

The Strongbow Saga, a fast-paced, exciting adventure series that is grounded in thorough historical research and a rigorously accurate portrayal of the Vikings’ culture, brings the history of the early medieval time period in northern Europe to life. As such, it is well suited for use in an educational setting in the subject areas of both reading and history.

This section of the¬†website, which contains articles about different aspects of the Vikings’ culture, history, and time period, as well as links to other online research sources about the Vikings, can be used by both educators and students as an easily accessible starting point for a study of the Vikings and the period of history in which they played so dominant a role.

The books of the Strongbow Saga are suitable for ages teen through adult. Although the Viking-era names and some of the vocabulary used in the books are likely to be unfamiliar to many readers, each volume contains a list of characters appearing in the story and a glossary, as well as historical notes tying the story to actual facts and events of the period. The Strongbow Saga deals with themes of love, sacrifice, courage, honor, duty, and betrayal. In keeping with the reality of the culture and period it depicts, the story does contain scenes of vivid violence.

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The author of the Strongbow Saga is available to assist teachers in the use of the Strongbow Saga in an educational setting, including by “visiting” the classroom via Skype. Please direct inquiries concerning possible classroom appearances by the author, or other requests, to Judson Roberts using the Contact form on this website.