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699 thoughts on “Discussions

  1. Who is on the cover of the book I mean in real life sorry if I sound rude and also do you know when you might be done book 5 thank you

  2. Just wanted to say I have just rediscovered your books after having not read them since book 3 came out and I found I still love them. I eagerly await book 5 but well understand the challenges of life and know it will be worth the wait!

  3. Hope you and your wife are doing well. Just randomly decided to check up on you as my class of students are doing some progress monitoring testing and I’m checking up on one of my (and their) favorite authors. Take care. Look forward to your books whenever you get them out! Thanks for writing.

  4. Hi I’m a big fan of your work and just want too know if you have a general idea when book 5 will come out, I hope I’m not being to pushy I understand why you are slower in writing book 5, you have your farm & the situation the way its now in the U.S