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  1. Just a question and suggestion but seeing as if i remember correctly the next book will either go after Halfdans sister or to Ireland if if goes it Ireland assuming any still live that is wouldn’t some of his mother’s family still be alive and if so upon meeting each other it could help him in one degree or another (Ek I am better at combining myth, legends, historical data and modifying it to suit my ideas so long as it follows fantasy style books not so good with our real world style ideas for book) lol

    • The story in Book 5 (and I’m considering as a title, “Into the Wild-lands”) focuses on the efforts by Halfdan, Hastein, and the company to find and rescue Sigrid, Halfdan’s sister who was sold into slavery. It is set primarily in the area that today forms northwestern Russia, roughly in the areas of St. Petersburg and Novgorod. The latter part of Book 6, the final installment of the story, will be set in Ireland.

      Thanks for the suggestion about Halfdan’s Irish kin. I suppose in theory there might be some he could find, in that he knew from what his mother, Derdriu, had told him that her father had been a king named Caidoc, who ruled over lands along the River Bann. From that information he’d know roughly where to look, and a name of his grandfather, on his mother’s side. However, remember from the story that Caidoc and many of his men were killed trying to rescue Derdriu. Most Irish kingdoms during this period were both quite small–often just a small hill-fort and the lands immediately surrounding it–and numerous. It would be likely that a neighboring king would just have absorbed Caidoc’s lands and surviving people into his own kingdom. Also, even if there were some surviving distant kin of Halfdan’s to them he would be a Dane, and an enemy.

  2. I am sorry to read of your many difficult challenges. My son and I are reading the series again and enjoying them anew. We are praying for your health to improve, not just for the selfish reason of wanting so much to read more of Halfdan’s adventures, but also in sympathy for you and your wife’s health issues. All the best.

    • Thanks very much. Things have finally calmed down now, and for the first time in too long I’m making steady progress on book 5. I may post a preview of it soon.