Viking History

This section of the siteĀ is a free educational source containing articles, essays, and illustrations about the Vikings, plus links and references to other research sources. Although this site has been specifically designed to complement the fiction series, The Strongbow Saga, which is set during the latter 9th century portion of the Viking era, it is offered as a resource for anyone with an interest in the Vikings and a desire to learn more about them and the world in which they lived. Educators considering using the Strongbow Saga as part of their classroom curriculum should view this special informationĀ for teachers, which includes options for involving the author’s participation in the teaching process.

The term ‘Living History’ is usually used to describe historical reenactors who attempt, with rigorously correct costumes, weapons, tools, and other artifacts of a past period, to create for onlookers a feel for the people and period being portrayed. This website, together with the novels of the Strongbow Saga series, will hopefully provide a different kind of living history experience. Through the information offered on this website, plus the bibliography and links to other resources it contains, readers may delve in depth into all aspects of the Vikings’ culture, history, and the time period and world in which they lived. Armed with this knowledge, and through the fictional tale of Halfdan Hroriksson, the young Dane whose adventures in the Strongbow Saga weave in and out of actual events of the latter 9th century and the lives of historical figures who helped shape the history of that period, readers will hopefully be able to experience the Vikings and their world come alive.

The Age of the Vikings
Clothing Styles
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Viking Use of Archery
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