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780 thoughts on “Discussions

  1. I was wondering could/would you be able to release a non spoiler chapter that you have already finished? Maybe a prolog? Also im sorry to hear about Hawkeye! She sounded like a wonder member of the flock/family! May she rest in chicky Valhalla!

    • Actually, if you go back to the old post “A Christmas Surprise” from December 2020, the first several chapters of book 5 can be accessed from there. There will be a few changes in the published book–I found a fascinating historical incident while doing research, that I’ve plugged into one of those chapters–but they will give you a preview.

  2. Glad that you’re able to find time to continue your work whilst you have so much more going on. I’m looking forward to the next installment and wish you all the luck in the coming months!

    • Thanks. We’re in one of the busiest periods of the year on the farm right now, getting the garden planted, but as soon as that’s finished, I plan to use the hot parts of the days for writing.

  3. Will Genevieve appear in any of the future books? I love this series but I just have to know because honestly it is probably the biggest thing that has made me remember this series and keep waiting for new installments all these years.

  4. Just writing to tell you how much I LOVE the books! Halfdan is an amazing character and his story is so compelling. And it seems like ALL the characters we meet along the way fit in so perfectly with everything. Even the Narrator is great. Love the way he captures the accents and portrays the characters. I’m awaiting the book 5 like everyone else but just because I’m eager to see the story continue!

  5. Dear Mr. Judson Roberts, we are waiting for book 5, you have written the best Viking story ever, the first 3 we had in German language, vol. 4 I had to read in English language, but ok, it was easy for me. Please tell me how you are doing with your sickness and if you once will finish book 5. All the best, your fan Astrid Kohlfuerst from Austria (Middle Europe)

    • Hello Astrid, it’s good to hear from you. Sorry you had to read book 4 in English. It finally came out in German in January of 2022–because of its length, it took my German author-partner a long time to complete the translation. My health has been much better this past year–thank you for asking. I hope to post a general update on this website soon, and my new publication goal for book 5 is March of this year. I need to finish it and publish it before life on the farm gets too busy again!

  6. Hello Mr Roberts,
    I was so looking forward to the March release of Book 5. My birthday is in March and I am turning 80. I have read the first 4 books at least 4 times in anticipation of book 5. I know farm life is constant and after working in “postal” weather all day it is a chore to take up another occupation when you should be taking much needed rest. I’m counting on you to some how get the time to finish your wonderful books.
    I’m praying for you and your lovely wife.

    Kathy Pernini

    • Thanks so much for your kind message, Kathy. Hopefully I can meet my new goal of publishing in March of this year. I would love to give you that for your birthday.

      All best,


  7. Hi, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Will you be taking pre-orders for your upcoming book 5? Also, how will your books be distributed to all us anxiously awaiting readers? Thanks, Ray

    • Thanks, Ray. Due to some time-sucking issues on the farm–a never-ending problem–book 5 will now most likely be released in March. Pre-orders will be available, but they cannot be set up until there is a definite release date. The e-book version will be released across all platforms, and the print edition will be published through Amazon.