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767 thoughts on “Discussions

  1. I have been trying to finish this saga since 2010 I need to know if toke will ever pay for his treachery what of Strongbow how does his tale end hope you are well

    • Thank you, Dustin, I am well. I appreciate you wanting to finish the story. Book 5’s current working (and probably final) title is Into the Wildlands, but I probably should call it The Long Wait instead.

  2. So, a bit of a fun and random speculative question, but what do you think Halfdan, Hastein, and the others would think if they somehow heard the story of The Lord of the Rings? I’ve found it a little funny because Tolkien has a elf character (Beleg Cuthalion) in the Silmarillion whose nickname is Strongbow too

    • I think they would have enjoyed the story very much. Tolkien, as a professor at Oxford, studied and was an expert on Anglo-Saxon literature and Norse Sagas, and drew heavily on stories within those works as inspiration for aspects of The Lord of the Rings. For example, the Hervarer Saga, which includes a mix of tales probably derived from oral tradition and skaldic tale-telling, and which Tolkien wrote about in scholarly papers, contains a tale about the conflict between the ancient Huns and the Goths, a Germanic tribe that migrated from Sweden to the European mainland, something that happened in the 4th century, and which is the inspiration for the Riders of Rohan. The same saga also contains a riddle contest, and is probably the inspiration for the one between Bilbo and Gollum. So Hastein, in particular as a high-ranking member of the Danish nobility, would have grown up in a household wealthy enough to periodically have skalds visit and provide entertainment by telling epic tales.

  3. Any target date? I’ve read books 1-4 three times anticipating book 5. I turned 80 this year and am awaiting book 5. I love the books, they are my favorites after Lord of The Rings?
    Keep writing,

    • Thanks so much for enjoying the books, and for writing. I’ve grown leery of predicting when book 5 will come out, because I’ve missed several past predictions, but I am working on it, and I want you to be able to read it as soon as possible.

      All best,


  4. I remember picking up Viking Warrior at an independent bookstore on vacation with my family when I was a young teenager. Every couple of years, I have found myself returning to Halfdan’s journey. I am sooooo excited for the release of the next book! I’m in my thirties now, so rereading the series this past year has been both very enjoyable and a very different experience from the first time I read the books. 10/10 would recomend a reread!