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  1. A random post. I know we have connect a bit in the past, but i took my fiancée down to Chicago today (live outside of Milwaukee) and we took the train, it was my fiancées first time on a train. My late grandfather used to take me down to Chicago on the train multiple times a year. On the train is where I told a stranger that I wanted to go to Paris, and the next year we went. Its also where i picked up your first book, on the train ride home i read as much as I could, i dont think the book took me 24 hours to finish book one. It wasnt long after that that i got books 2 and 3. This was close to 20 years ago and the memories of Halfden still resonate with me. I was a teenager when I started my journey with you, and cant wait to finish it. I know this is a long post, but taking my Fiancée down on the train all sparked these memories for me.