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  1. The new “Vikings” exhibition at Discovery Times Square is, in a sense, built around something that isn’t there.

    The exhibition, which opens on Friday, was organized by the Swedish History Museum in conjunction with MuseumPartners in Austria, and the people behind it really want you to know that during the 350 years (750 to 1100) that Viking culture flourished, horned helmets were never a thing. They have amassed 500 artifacts — some copies; many the genuine article — to make the point.


    • Thanks for posting the link to that article. It looks like an interesting exhibition, and I like that its focus is trying to correct the many and widespread misconceptions about the Viking peoples.

  2. I like the books. It seems the reader is moving from one adventure to anougher. This is great for a person with a short attention span like myself. I am also ready for #5

  3. I have a vision of Judson wandering around his house wearing a Helm and a Brynie chatting to His Fylgja.
    Excellent stories bringing history to life

  4. I just finished book one- immediately purchased the rest of the saga ,and will be waiting (not so patiently) for book 5 . Thanks for creating this saga ,looking forward to spending time in the world of Strongbow saga.