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    • Yeah, it’s pretty telling that the stylist describes the styles she created as “edgy” and that “a lot was taken from modern times.” The portrayal of the Vikings on the show is really more fantasy Vikings than historical Vikings.

  1. Hey Judson,
    I cant wait for your next book and I know your probally sick of people asking you when its coming out so I will be patient.

    Im just curious, how did you start writing books? also how much research and work would you say goes into each book?

    Im close to finishing school here, and im really stuck for a career, but iv always thought about writing and I just love historical fantasy/storys/books that are really factful.
    Anyways Hope you have an awesome day !

    • Hi Russell,

      Thanks for your patience on book 5! 😉

      Re: how did I start writing books, I was a prosecutor at the time, and was getting pretty burned out on practicing law. I was an avid reader back then, and kept reading books which struck me as fairly mediocre, so I thought, “I bet I can do better than this!” It was actually much harder than I thought to write a good book–it took me ten years to finally write one that I managed to sell and get published (Viking Warrior), but once I started trying, I got hooked.

      I put a LOT of research and work into each of my books, which is a large part of why they take me so long. I’m not only trying to tell a good story with The Strongbow Saga, but also to give readers a very historically accurate view of the Vikings and the time period they lived in (most depictions of them are not very accurate), and getting the details right requires a lot of digging.

      I empathize with your feeling stuck for a career–I felt the same way in college. I ended up becoming a police officer after I graduated, just because it seemed like it would be a useful and interesting job–and it was both. Building a writing career takes time for most people. I don’t know of many authors who didn’t have to have a day job, too, at least for the early part of their career.

      • Hi Judson.

        Haha it’s alright.

        Wow, seems like you have had your fair share of different jobs.
        Yeah, I think the reason why I, and many other people have loved your books is because of how they paint a picture of what it would have been like. Also I have been trying to find books as good and interesting as yours but they just lack… something.

        Yeah, its a very confusing time especially since everyone is constatly assailing me about what i should do and study and such.

        Anyways thanks for the reply.

    • I saw this story earlier this week, too. Thanks for the post. It will be interesting to see what further excavations yield.

  2. Hi Judson, just finished your Strongbow Saga to date and really enjoyed it.
    I have to ask when is the 5th book coming out?
    Can’t wait!


  3. Just finished reading Book One of Viking Warrior (bought at my library’s book sale) and enjoyed it tremendously. It lacks one thing – a good map of the era/place. I liked your portrayal of clothes, mores, politics, and feelings, all felt very accurate. I am close to finishing writing on the second in a three-book saga about Rollo the Norman founder of Normandy covering 885-933. I loved researching the time period and am so glad you have obviously done the same for the Danes. As to my need for a map, finding Dorestad on a current map has eluded me and I would like a better sense of where the first estate and Limfjord were located, too. Now I know you have done through Book Four, I will search for those as well.

    • Priscilla, it sounds like you must have read on of the old HarperCollins editions of Viking Warrior. When I got the rights back and republished the first three books, I added maps to the back of each in the Northman Books editions, and there are both maps and diagrams of a battle in the back of book 4. The maps from each book are also on this website, under the “Maps” tab in the menu bar above, for those who have an older edition or find the series through its audio books.

      Dorestad unfortunately is not on any of those maps, because Halfdan doesn’t go there in the story. But a resource book I use a lot, which has a great deal of information, including numerous maps, packed into its relatively small and inexpensive volume, is The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings. Maps in it on pages 55 and 57 show the location of Dorestad plus many other towns of the period.

      What is the name of your first book on Rollo (or Hrolf, as he was also known)? It sounds like something I’d like to read.

      • The title of book one is THE NORMANDIE PRIZE; book two is THE NORMANDIE CHALLENGE. I’m still looking for an agent, so not published yet. Thanks for the maps info.

        • Good luck with your agent search. Have you considered going the indie publishing route? My “Open Letter to Jeff Bezos and Amazon” post on my homepage contrasts some of the pros and cons of each route to publication.

  4. I have enjoyed reading the Strongbow saga and can hardly wait for the next installment. I know the buildup has been to take Halfdan to Ireland to get his revenge and find his destiny. However, it seems that Halfdan may be taking you somewhere else. His heart has always been in the forest not a palace, and vengeance is proving to be an increasingly bitter fruit.

    • That’s insightful, Mark. What you’re saying closely matches what Halfdan’s feelings will be at the end of the story in book 5.