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  1. Ok so the info I was talking about is threw this guy Ky white that is what he does so if you contact him he will get you all info you need he’s a great man like your self (Ky.white@ancesteralcharts.com

  2. I found this you might find interesting strongbow three is a strong bow in the irsh English history also related to Ragnar

    • An English Norman nobleman who participated in a Norman invasion of Ireland, and then settled there, was called Strongbow, although according to Wikapedia, that might have been a mis-translation of his title, the Count of Striguil, and there’s some doubt about whether he was ever actually called Strongbow. I have not seen anything that indicates any relation to Ragnar, though. In fact, I’ve never found anything of a factual nature that traces Ragnar’s lineage, because it is so wrapped up in legend that there’s a lot of disagreement about him. Where did you read that there was a connection?


  3. I just discovered this series of books about a month ago. I have very quickly been reading through the books one right after the another. I have enjoyed these books very much! The characters, history, the adventure, and plot line, have all made for very fun reading. I have just finished reading book four today. I am just realizing now that there is no book 5 completed and available to let me know what happens next. Oh NO! Mr Roberts please hurry and finish book five. I need to know what will happen to Halfdam and his friends. Sigrid must be freed from the slavers, Harald must be avenged, and Toke must be brought to justice. I can not wait to read the next book when it is available. I hope we will not need to wait to long for more of the Strongbow Saga.

    • Thanks, Todd. It’s coming. And it will be good when it’s finally finished, so the story (it really is one story, rather than a series of related books) can be read straight through.

    • Rumors of my demise—and your wittiness—are greatly exaggerated.

      But seriously, I understand readers’ frustration with how long it is taking me to get this book out, and I do apologize. But I’ve been working on this story for a very long time—it’s getting close to 20 years now. And over time, the story has grown into something much different from what I originally envisioned. In the very earliest draft, it was a single book that ended with the duel in Paris, except Halfdan fought and killed Toke in the duel, rather than Snorre, and married Genevieve. I didn’t find that “all neat and tidy” wrap up very plausible, though, plus the story did not come alive for me as it was written back then. I have, and continue to put a lot of time, research, and effort into trying to create a story that (1) comes alive for readers, and sweeps them into the world of the story, (2) has characters whom the readers become emotionally involved with, and feel real, (3) has strong emotional power, plus lots of exciting action, and (4) is realistic, both in the larger sense of how the Vikings and their time are portrayed, and on a smaller scale, in how the characters act and what they accomplish.

      I also never envisioned, when I began working on this story, how it would impact readers. When it was still being published by its original publisher, HarperCollins, the books only reached a fairly small audience. But since I have taken them back and republished them myself, plus have written the fourth installment of the story, the Strongbow Saga has attracted an unusually diverse audience, both male and female, ranging in age from middle school students to retirees. And many readers have written to tell me they’ve read the books many times, which leaves me feeling both awed and humbled. I owe it to readers like that to get the story’s conclusion right, and I will take as much time as necessary to try to do so.

      • I was one of the Harper Collins buyers I have the first 3 first editions books.
        I do have to say I love hard back books more than paper back books can any one get hard back books