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  1. Woah, absolutely cannot wait for book five! (Even though I’m only on book 2) As an author myself, you are so inspiring to me! This still bothers me a ton, though- why did Harald have to die!? I know, it ties to the storyline, but seriously… he was so awesome! What caused you to create his character personality?

    • Thanks for writing, Lucy. Why did Harald have to die? A story about a quest for vengeance requires something terrible to happen that needs to be avenged. And If Harald was not a likeable character whom readers care about, his death would not have much emotional impact.

      Interesting question about what caused me to create his character. Elements of the character and personality of my oldest son–who is dead now–actually provided inspiration for both Harald and Toke. Needless to say, he was an unusual person, but not a good one.

  2. The Long Hunt was indeed a page turner, I literally couldn’t stop reading, 2 years waiting for the 5th book T.T, is the 5th book the last book in the Strongbow Saga?
    Hail Strongbow! :D

    • Thanks, Raf. Book 5 will be the last book in the Strongbow Saga. I think it’s good to know when to end a series, and I want to wrap this one up with lots of things happening–the story has been building to what’s coming.

    • Read through some of the earlier posts, and my answers, on this page. And I’m about to add a post on the home page.

  3. Dear Mr. Roberts, I have read the first two books years ago, impatiently waiting between the 1st and the 2nd. Then after waiting and waiting I finally gave up and eventually moved overseas for work. I left my paper books collection in my mother-in-law care :). Now, after watching all in one gulp Vikings series on History channel I though I’d check on my “past love” . And, horay!!! Two books are out since then?! Running to buy them in e-form. I though, we “lost each other forever”.
    Question for the author: have your books been translated into other languages, if You know that? I would love to translate them into Russian. I would put all my heart into it

    • Dear Kristina,

      Thanks so much for writing. I’d glad you happened to check to see if any further books had been published in The Strongbow Saga. If the third book had not been released when you moved overseas, you’ve been waiting quite a long time!

      Re: your question about the books in Russian, the original publisher of the series, HarperCollins, supposedly sold the rights to the first two books to a Russian publisher back in 2007. I say supposedly because I never saw a penny from it–which was sort of typical of the relationship I had with HarperCollins. I do not currently have plans to try to offer the book in Russian–there are a number of other markets I’m currently working on getting the series into–but I appreciate your offer very much.


  4. I have read the Harper Collins published versions of the first three books and I was wondering if the versions your publishing company rebublished were different to the first versions, and if so in what way?

    • The text of the stories themselves did not change. There were some minor changes in the acknowledgements section, to thank some who helped with the new editions, but the main difference is that the new editions include maps that show where the action in each book took place, where Halfdan traveled, etc.

  5. great books.just as good as Robert low and giles kristian please don’t keep us waiting for your next adventure.

    • Probably in 2016. I’m in the midst of another book now–completing The Beast of Dublin–and hope to release it next year, after which I’ll turn back to book 5.

  6. When will the book 4 published internationally on paper back? Book 1-3 i bought it to National bookstore here in the Philippines but i couldn’t find the book 4 of Viking saga… i love reading your works….

    • Thanks for writing, Barry. The current paperback editions of all four books are already distributed in many countries by Amazon, the company that owns the division that prints them. If you cannot get book 4 in the Philippines, I wonder if perhaps the copies of books 1 through three that you bought could have the older, now out of print HarperCollins editions? Have you asked the bookstore if they can order book 4?

  7. I just finished Book 4 and I love it! Will the “beast of dublin” be like it? cant wait (:

    Also, at the end of book 4 it has about the sagas- are they in english and can i read them somehow?

    • Hi Alysha–thanks for writing. The Beast of Dublin is very much like the Strongbow Saga books–in fact, it is sort of a prequel to them. It’s set in Ireland about five years before The Strongbow Saga begins, and fills in some of Hastein’s early life and adventures. It also will set up some of his history and relationships in Ireland that will play a part in the final book of The Strongbow Saga, which is why I need to finish it first–my books tend to evolve in directions I don’t anticipate as I write them, so I have to know for certain what happened in Ireland in 840 before I bring Halfdan there six years later.

      Regarding the old sagas, most are available in English translations–which is a good thing, because I don’t read Old Norse. Your local library may have copies, but if not, relatively inexpensive paperback editions are available for most, and some are even available now in various e-book editions.

  8. Hi, I’m looking to audition the audiobook of “Viking Warrior,” Book 1 of the Strongbow Saga through ACX, but I don’t know how Hrorik is pronounced. Can you help me? Thanks!

    • Sure. Rorik would be pronounced like “Roar-ik.” For Hrorik, Add a quick “H” sound before that–sort of “Huh-roar-ik,” except the H wouldn’t be quite that strongly pronounced.

      I’ll look forward to listening to your audition. Try to get it in soon–I think we may be getting close to choosing a narrator.