Viking Warrior E-book On Sale

A challenge for every author is to continually reach new readers who have not yet discovered his or her works. To that end, this week Viking Warrior will be a BookBub featured deal in the historical fiction category on Wednesday, January 13th. In support of the promotion, the e-book version of Viking Warrior will be priced at 99 cents in the U.S. and 0.99 GBP in the U.K., through Friday, January 15th, on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and ITunes.

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4 thoughts on “Viking Warrior E-book On Sale

  1. I found the Viking Warrior via Bookbub – and to my delight found a new author who has written a wonderful book. After reading the “The Viking Warrior” I went on and immediately bought the second book in the series which was as good as the first. I am taking a short break and reading another book now, but I will be buying the third in the series for sure. The storyline is fascinating, and the attention to detail very good – there were times I was reading the books where if I closed my eyes I could picture what Mr. Roberts was describing – for me the sign of a really enjoyable read!