Strongbow Saga book 3 German Edition

Der Weg zur Rache (The Road to Vengeance), the German language translation of book 3 of the Strongbow Saga, is now available in print and Amazon Kindle e-book editions, joining Ein Krieger der Wikinger (Viking Warrior) and Drachen aus dem Mer (Dragons from the Sea). E-book editions for other distribution platforms, including Apple and Kobo, will follow. Bringing these German language editions into being is the result of an ongoing partnership with author Ruth Nestvold, an American ex-pat who lives in Germany. Many thanks to Ruth and her husband Chris, who is the German language editor of the series.

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One thought on “Strongbow Saga book 3 German Edition

  1. Please, any update on book 5. I know many of your readers including myself are anxiously waiting to continue the epic journey of Halfdan and the rest of the crew.