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14 thoughts on “A Christmas Surprise

  1. so sad that the strongbow saga has no ending. one of my favorite series of all time. mr roberts is a gifted author.

  2. I literally came today in hopes of finding a fifth book, this brings a lot of joy to my heart… I fell in love with your characters several years ago, and to see that it is being continued is amazing! Thank you!

  3. Dear Judson,

    Thank you for the wonderful surprise. I am looking forward to the rest of the book. I have enjoyed your work immensely. May your 2021 be joyful and healthy. May the nithings stay away. Thank you for your work. – Ray

  4. Thank you for the Christmas surprise … it left me waiting for more. I love the start of book 5.
    May this note find you and family in good health. Happy holidays!

      • I’ve reread your Christmas surprise. I enjoyed it more the second time. How the rest coming along. I hope you are having a great summer. Cheers!

        • Thanks, Jeff. The summer has been a bit challenging. We’ve been in a severe drought for months now, and have had a succession of heat waves–it hit 105 on our farm today. So most of our pastures are pretty burned up by now, and our herd of heritage sheep are struggling to find enough to eat. But this year, in contrast to last year, at least my health is good. And although the pace has slowed while summer on the farm is so busy, I’m still planning to finish writing book 5 by the end of this year.

  5. hi Mr.Judson Roberts, I am from Austria, my native language is German, and I was reading vol. 1, 2 and 3 in German language. As the vol. 4 was not any longer available in German language, I ordered it in English language and – it was easy for me to read it. If you remember, I offered you to translate it to German….
    Now I am thankful to hear that you are working on vol. 5, I will wait….
    Don’t hurry, but please work hard on it, for me this books are the best of Viking’s stories!
    I wish you health in these difficult times and remain, waiting for vol. 5,
    kind regards,
    Astrid Kohlfuerst, Austria

    • Thank you so much, Astrid. The German language edition of book 4 has been in limbo far too long. My German author-partner, Ruth Nestvold, actually finished the initial translation of it over a year ago. Her husband, who is a professional translator, always performs the final proofing and edit, and unfortunately he has so far been unable to find time to complete that job due to other demands.

  6. I am more than excited and has given me a little bit of happiness on a rather rough year. Keep up the amazing work we will wait with baited breath 🙂

  7. There is grammar errors in the first to chapters such as a miss spelled word or two and double spaces both before and after periods. Just thought I’d let you know so that you can fix them. Otherwise great chapters. Cant wait for more. Keep up the excellent work. And know this that when you actually get around to publishing the book and I get the money to i will be buying it to complete my collection.