It’s Not Happening in March

I am very sorry to have to announce that I have failed yet again to meet a target completion deadline for book 5. This book has, from its earliest beginnings, been much more of a struggle for me than the first four books. I had hoped that I was now far enough along that I could push through to completion by March (after failing to meet my previous December goal), but the writing just isn’t flowing that smoothly.

I am continuing to work on it, and will get it out this year, but at this point I am not going to state a new date until I’m sure I can achieve it. I am very, very sorry–I know so many of you have been waiting a very long time for more of Halfdan’s story.

I am fairly certain by this point, by the way, that the title will be Into the Wildlands (although perhaps it should be The Long Wait).

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32 thoughts on “It’s Not Happening in March

  1. Hello Judson. Long time fan. I first received Viking Warrior as a gift back in 2006 when I was 16. Became my favorite book in high school and really jump started my love for historical fiction novels. I remember waiting anxiously for the next installments after book 2 but got caught up with college and the series fell out of sight and mind. I’ve moved around quite a bit and the original hard cover of book one has always followed me around. Found it in my closet the other day and couldn’t put it down. Looked you up to see how the series had come along and it’s still going! Looks like I have time to catch up before book 5 comes out! But really best wishes to you and your family. Good luck closing the series out!

    • Thanks for being such a long time fan of the series, Garrett. We’re currently in the midst of one of the busiest times of the year on the farm, getting the garden planted, but once that’s done I plan to use the hot times of the days for writing. I need to finish book 5!

  2. Sorry unrelated to the blog but have you seen footage of the video game assassins creed: Valhalla? I grew up loving your books and playing the game reminded me of them. The game is set Viking Era Britain and is (relatively) historically accurate, they even have segments dedicated to the siege of Paris and Ireland!

    Anyways, looking forward to the book and take your time.

    • Thanks, Zach. I have not seen it. I obviously struggle with having enough time for my writing as it is, due to the demands of our life on the farm. I would be very remiss to use any of my scarce time playing video games, although this one does sound interesting. Thanks for writing.


  3. You hooked me years ago. Just as Halfdan has waited for his vengeance all these years, I’m waiting to see him get it (and happy to do so). So many authors start working on a series and walk away before giving their fans the conclusion, and I’m just grateful whenever I check you blog to see that you’re still working on it 🙂

    • Thank you for your patience, Erica. I am frustrated with how slowly my writing seems to be going at this stage of the book, but I definitely intend to keep plugging away at it, and at book 6, in order to finish Halfdan’s story.


  4. Not to be morbid but I am a huge fan of your works, at this point your annual or biannual updates worry me so much that I’m praying you don’t pass away before you completely your magnum opus:(

  5. I’ve been checking your blog periodically for years to see when it will come out 🙂 as a published author myself, I know how these kinds of delays go, so no worries—just know we’re very excited to read it!!

  6. I understand you, you are sick and you have trouble in your place of living, but I am waiting and waiting, I want this book 5, as I loved 1 to 4 so much, also when vol. 4 was not released anymore in German language. Please hurry, the fans of Halfdan are waiting! thankyou!

    • Thank you, Astrid. Actually, the past year has gone much better overall. This book is just more of a struggle than the earlier ones were, for some reason. I’ve spent several days trying to get one minor new scene right. But I’ll keep pushing.

  7. Happy to hear from you again. I enjoy reading your updates even if they are not related to your book schedule. I can’t wait to read the book when it’s released and I’m sure the wait will be worth it.